All of this music was recorded for fun, not in order to garner fame or money. This should hopefully explain why it is mostly pretty rough around the edges. In due time I may polish / rework some of them, but that would probably just interfere with making new music at the moment.

Some may wonder why the pretentious album cover with moody photography and such. Well... I was bored one day and I liked the results, and I really hate the idea of light hearted comedy album covers because IMHO they look awful, and if you approach music with only an album cover to go by, I think it's part of the duty of creation to remain true to your artistic whims - both acoustically and visually. This may sound odd, but I've sometimes found music I adore because something about the style in the album art drew me to it. So, why hinder that process?

Similarly, why a pretentious website. I mean, really.... Actually I'm in agreement, it is needlessly excessive, but I simply wanted to try my hand at making a website with some PHP and cgi elements. Making a decent one for my music might at least prod me into putting up samples of the stuff I occasionally create, and hopefully, one or two people will say "that one sucks / rocks / has a nice bit in" and give me some feedback. So blame my geekish obsession with technology for that.