The Pringles Session

Pringles In The Eyes (1m58s)

Living on a Nightmare (2m10s)

Periscope for the Worms (1m59s)

Polyphonic Synthesiser (3m33s)

Lost Head (1m19s)

Noodles (1m08s)

Pie (4m14s) [lyrics]


Miscellaneous Songs

Odd Song (smooth analogue mix) (3m33s)

Just another Innocent Ricochet (mellow mix) (3m09s)

Kelp, Looks to the Light for Salvation (and Sustenance) (3m36s)

Balinese Ethnobotanical Thrillseeker (1m54s)

Reticulation of Splines (4m12s)

Radish Slows, and Approaches (4m23s)